Berets often require shaping before they can be worn, and military berets must be shaped in a specific way. To complete this task, you need a military beret, a cigarette lighter, a razor and warm water.

  1. Smooth the beret's surface

    Carefully use a cigarette lighter to burn off any excess fuzzy material on the outside of the beret. Then, use a razor to shave the beret until the surface of the hat is completely smooth.

  2. Cut the tag and pull the drawstring

    Snip the tag on the inside of the beret, below the section that indicates the size of the hat. Pull the drawstring on the beret tightly and tie the strings into a square knot.

  3. Immerse the beret in water, then shape it

    Dunk the beret in warm water; do not use hot water. Once the beret is wet, put it on. Shape the beret to rest over one ear and to be raised up on the other side of your face. Military berets should be raised over the left eye and pulled down to the right ear.

  4. Allow the beret to dry

    Keep the beret on your head until it is dry to help it maintain its shape. When you are satisfied with the fit, cut off the excess drawstring.