To put weave in the hair, braid the natural hair, and sew or glue the weave into place. If desired, the weave can be sewn into the hair using a net. The process of completing the weave may require several hours, depending on the length of your natural hair.

  1. Braid hair into sections

    Choose the desired area of the hair for the part, and make the part as perfect as possible. Begin braiding the hair into about eight even sections, ensuring the part remains straight throughout the braiding process.

  2. Sew the braids together

    Sew the loose ends of the braids to the braids along the scalp using hair thread and a regular sewing needle.

  3. Sew the weave to the hair

    Place a net over the natural hair, and measure the weave horizontally to fit each section of hair. Cut the weave to fit, and begin sewing or gluing the weave into place starting at the nape of the neck. Some sections of the weave can be sewn into the net to protect the natural hair. If you choose not to use a net, sew the weave directly into the braids. The remainder of the weave should be cut into 1-inch sections and layered around the part in the hair.