Hanging a jacket in the bathroom during a shower, ironing and blow-drying removes wrinkles and creases from leather coats. Avoid storing a leather jacket in an airtight container to prevent wrinkles.

Hanging a leather jacket in the bathroom during a long, steaming shower is often all that is needed to relax the wrinkles. It is important to keep the jacket away from the shower to prevent water damage. Next, take the jacket out of the bathroom, lie it on a flat surface and smooth out any remaining wrinkles by hand. If wrinkles remain, blow-dry the garment at medium heat and move the blow dryer over the garment at a steady pace. Overheating leather causes burns or turns the fabric shiny.

Placing a cotton cloth, butcher paper, linen cloth or grocery bag over the leather jacket before placing an iron at a low to medium heat flat on the garment for a few seconds flattens wrinkles that are hard to remove. Cover the leather jacket with a cloth to avoid dust, and hang the jacket on a wooden hanger in a well-ventilated closet. Placing it in an airtight, moist environment, such as a plastic container or bag, can cause mildew and more wrinkles.