Minimizing a wide nose can be accomplished with makeup and contouring. For the best results, use contouring powder or cream, a highlighter, an angled brush and a blending brush.

Before contouring, apply foundation, as this is the best base for successful contouring. Once the foundation has been applied, use an angled brush to draw vertical lines on either side of the nose with the contouring powder. Don't go too heavy on the powder, as layering is easier than removing contouring makeup.

Contouring can be used to minimize various nose shapes. For people with consistently wide noses, drawing two straight lines down either side should be sufficient. For people with noses that widen at the bottom, try drawing a small line around the nostrils. People who have bulbous tips should draw an arrow shape around the tip of the nose.

Once the contouring powder has been applied, it is time for the highlighter. Take a brush, and paint a stripe of highlighter down the center of the nose. People with bulbous tips should end the stripe before the tip of the nose.

After the highlighter is applied, it is time to blend. Take a sponge and smooth the lines until they create the illusion of a thinner nose.