Collectible magazines can be sold at outlets that specialize in used, vintage or rare items. Online auction websites such as eBay are also an option, as are garage sales or online malls.

People choose to collect old magazines for numerous reasons, according to Collecting Paper Memories. One reason is for the cover art, which may have been created by a famous artist. Advertisements make vintage magazines attractive as well. In some cases, the ads are removed from the magazine and sold separately, as collectors can make more money from ads than they can from entire magazines. Special editions of magazines make them more valuable and issues such as first editions are big sellers. Finally, a magazine may be in demand for a specific article that was published in it.

Collecting Paper Memories also gives tips for preserving old magazines to ensure they remain in the best condition for resale. An acid-free environment is recommended, and placing the magazine in a polypropylene sleeve protector is also ideal. The site recommends supporting the periodical with acid-free backer boards and corrugated cardboard. The magazine should be stored in its current condition. If there are important articles and advertisements, one should separate these with acid-free buffer paper.