TV Guide, TV Weekly, Channel Guide Magazine and Satellite DIRECT all produce paper copies of their publications. TV Guide and TV Weekly are easily found in any grocery or convenience store, while Channel Guide Magazine and Satellite DIRECT require a subscription.

TV Guide produces a bi-weekly paper copy, but the magazine underwent a major redesign as of August 2015. The magazine cut many of its listings, choosing to focus on top-rated networks and editorial content instead. TV Weekly prints its magazine weekly and features similar offerings as TV Guide, except it still provides full localized channel listings. TV Weekly also provides editorials and other content focused on gossip and celebrity culture.

Satellite DIRECT only publishes monthly, and this publication is dedicated specifically for DIRECTV satellite users. While Satellite DIRECT still produces a print copy, it is not purchasable in stores and instead requires a subscription. Those who subscribe to the print copy are also gifted access to the electronic version of the magazine, which is published two weeks prior to the cover date. Channel Guide Magazine is another monthly offering similar to Satellite DIRECT. This magazine does not focus on DIRECTV, but it features similar content, such as channel listings and interviews.