Videos found on the website World Star Hip Hop include informational, humorous, caught-on-tape and music videos. The website, created in 2005, is a content video forum where users can post, share on social media, view and comment on videos. The content of the videos are unlimited in subject matter.

World Star Hip Hop's primary audience is African-American single men between the ages of 18 to 24. The site was founded Lee "Q." O'Denat, a Queens-based hip-hop fan. It began as a mix tape distribution website and evolved into 100 percent video related content, initially through OnSmash's website.

World Star Hip Hop videos can be seen on the website and on the website's verified YouTube channel. WSHH's original video features include segments called Questions, Comedy Skits, Street Interviews and A Day in the Life series.

WSHH's website includes adult content through the ICandy link from the homepage. Users confirm that they are over 18 by clicking Enter from the link.

WSHH has been dubbed a "shock site" due to the website's reputation for posting violent and sexual videos. The site has been a target of controversy and lawsuits, most notably the 2009 claim by famous rapper 50 Cent for using his image without consent.