"The Blind Side" is based on the true story of football player Michael Oher, a homeless teenager with little education who was taken under the wings of Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy, overcoming adversity at every turn, and being awarded opportunities as a result of his and the Tuohys' determination. "The Blind Side" opened in theaters in the United States on November 20, 2009.

In the film, Michael Oher, played by actor Quinton Aaron, is legally adopted by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy, played by Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw. The Tuohys notice Michael's protective instincts from his years in dangerous neighborhoods, and help him use it to his advantage on the football field. In the classroom, Michael struggles, can barely read and knows that without higher grades, he can not continue to play football. The Tuohys, in their limitless determination to see Michael succeed on and off the field, hire a tutor, Miss Sue, played by Kathy Bates, to give him the extra academic attention he needs.

Thanks to help from Miss Sue and through his own determination, Michael is able to overcome his troubles in the classroom and earn offers from countless colleges and universities thanks to his stellar play on the field, choosing to attend Ole Miss on a football scholarship. The Tuohys support Michael throughout his college career, seeing him become a first-round draft pick by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 NFL draft.