Some famous superhero duos are Captain America and Bucky Barnes, Batman and Robin (the Boy Wonder) and Doctor Who and Rose Tyler. Doctor Who has had many sidekicks, or "companions," including Sarah Jane Smith, Martha Jones and Captain Jack Harkness; however, Rose Tyler is among the most iconic. She was chosen by the LA Times as his most important in terms of reviving the Doctor Who franchise.

Batman and Robin are perhaps one of the most famous traditional superhero duos of all. They were originally known as the "Dynamic Duo." The pair were united by their common life experiences, with both Batman and Robin, whose real name was Dick Grayson, having been orphaned as a result of crime. Robin was introduced fairly soon after Batman debuted in May 1939 and complemented Batman's dark seriousness with his playfulness and youth. Robin is best remembered for his incarnation in the 1960s television series and for his campy exclamations, such as "Holy 4th Amendment!"

Bucky Barnes was introduced as one of the soldiers killed in World War Two, for which he became a driving influence behind Captain America's crime-fighting. Later comic book writers brought the character to life as the Winter Soldier and, for many, Bucky Barnes is inseparable from Captain America, completing another of the most famous superhero duos in history.