The pirate Blackbeard died when a soldier cut his throat during an attack by Lieutenant Robert Maynard and a small force of British soldiers. Blackbeard took at least five bullets and 20 sword cuts as well.

According to National Geographic, Blackbeard, whose real name was Edward Teach, fought his last battle on Nov. 22, 1718. Lieutenant Maynard and his men encountered Blackbeard's ship, the "Adventure," anchored in Ocracoke Inlet in North Carolina. Blackbeard tricked the approaching ships into running aground on a sandbar, and then he unleashed a fearsome attack, killing a number of sailors and damaging the ships. Lieutenant Maynard ordered his men below decks, and when the pirates boarded the seemingly deserted vessel, the British sailors rushed the deck. After a brief, fierce battle, Maynard and his men emerged victorious. They hung Blackbeard's head on their ship's bowsprit and sailed back to Virginia.