Pablo Picasso had two siblings, Dolores (nicknamed Lola) and Conception (nicknamed Conchita). Both of his sisters were younger than him.

According to the Musee Picasso Paris, his first sister, Lola, was born in 1884, 3 years after Picasso, who was born in 1881. His second sister, Conchita, was born in 1887. Picasso began to paint shortly after Conchita was born. Conchita didn't live long, as she succumbed to diphtheria in 1895 at the age of eight. Pablo was only 13 when she died, so her death deeply affected his life. A few months later, the family moved to Barcelona, as Picasso's father, Don Jose, accepted a professorship at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts. Lola lived until 1958, though Picasso outlived her as well, dying in 1973.